Chemistry Lingo Lesson

Alright, this may seem a bit of a rushed chemistry post but I’m really just cutting the crap and not gonna baby sit the whole way. If you want to learn to do chemistry right, you should know the terms I’m using before attempting anything. Well on to the tutorial.

So first, What is the mcat you speak of?

Methcathinone is a relative to methamphetamine as it contains almost the same structure so it’s known as a constitutional isomer, and comparing something that looks like the exact build but mirrored is called a stereoisomer. Although chemically similar, it’s effects and mechanisms usually differ greatly. Now the point of this is while methamphetamine can be made from pseudoephedrine (aka a constitutional isomer of ephedrine). Methcathinone can also be derived from the same source. The point of this post is to get an understanding of the lingo used. Next post will finish the synthesis of the next 3 compounds of Dimethyltryptamine, Methcathinone and maybe even methamphetamine.

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